Introducing... UStrap!

The Best Drag & Drop Interface Builder for UBot Studio.

Why is UStrap the Best UI Builder?

Well see for yourself, checkout some of its great features.

  • Import Ui Commands

    Create components by import UBot Studio “ui commands” for super fast interface building.

  • Snap to Grid

    Easily align components by turning on the grid feature.

  • Drag and Drop Interface Layout

    Simple to use Drag and Drop interface layout, makes building interfaces for your bots a breeze. Just drag and drop onto the views.

  • Custom JS Editor

    The custom javascript editor allows you to add javascript to interfaces easily.

  • Great List of Components

    UStrap has a good list of component to create a good looking user interface, plus there are plenty more components to come in future updates!

  • Containers

    Adding your components to a container enables you to hide and show multiple sets of components by either a users click or in the UBot Studio flow with a plugin (Coming soon)

  • UStrap Plugin for UBot Studio

    Programatically interact with your interface components with the UStrap Plugin!  Find out more here

  • Tooltips for Every Component

    Add informational tooltips to any component quickly and easily.

  • Multi View

    UStrap currently has two views, a Component View and a Modal View. The Component View is where you drop your main components. The Modal View is where you drop modal components to be displayed with a users click.

  • Convert SSUB Code

    Old SSUB user? No problem, use this feature to convert your old interface’s elements into new components.

  • Component Properties

    Use the Properties Pallet to edit component properties, quickly and easily.

  • Built In Bootstrap 3.0 Themes

    Currently 18 bootstrap 3.0 theme’s to choose from, simply select the theme you want and watch your interface css styling update instantly.

  • Instant Previewing

    Instantly preview what your interface will look like when it is exported.

  • FREE Automatic Updates

    Automatically download and install updates when they become available.

Fantastic Looking Components

Now Featuring Editable Data Tables!


Customize with the New Theme Builder!

Multiple Bootstrap 3.0 Themes Included!

More Features

Project Manager

Quickly and easily create and load your projects settings and components.

Snap To Grid

Switch the grid view on to easily align components.

Import Ui Commands

This is what makes UStrap special. The ability to import your "Ubot UI Commands" makes building your UI a breeze.

Icon Picker

Easily find the Icon you want using the integrated Fontawesome Icon Picker!

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Currently planned for future updates...

  • Components, Components, Components...

    Many more components, such as graphs, pie charts and other plugin type components. If you have an idea for a new component I would love to hear it!

  • Integrated Visual Bootstrap 3.0 Theme Builder

    The visual theme builder will give you the ability to create custom bootstrap themes easily that can be added your themes list.

100% Secure Checkout with PayPal